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Mobile Parties

We offer a variety of mobile parties:

Birthday Parties
Hen Nights
Baby Showers
Corporate Teambuilding


Birthday Parties

4 Kids

Why not spice up your child’s Birthday Party with a pottery activity!  Kids absolutely love it and it’s a wonderful ice-breaker for the parents still getting to know each other.

All you need is a table or two (usually where the kids eat) which we will then set up with everything they need to paint their item. (Paint, brushes, tea-towels etc.)

Each child will be given a ceramic item chosen by the host before hand and will be assisted should they lack ideas!  (Ask for list of items to choose from)

The pieces will then be taken away, glazed & fired (making it food safe) in one of our kilns ready for you to collect within 3 days.

The party package costs:
£10.50 per child – Painting only (for parties with 8 or more kids)
£13.90 per child – Including snax, drinks & décor!

4 Adults

Why not treat granny for her 50th B-day!

This works the same as for the kids, we’ll set up at your venue and give everyone a piece to make their own.

Prices:  As seen on our price list.

Hen Nights

You as the organiser of the event can get all her friends to make a funky dinner service for the Bridal couple! All the friends leave a bit of themselves on the plate they paint and what a wonderful way to remember your friends 4 life! Great fun!

It also helps to get to know each other and bond a bit (as THIS friend might not know THAT friend) before you go out!

Baby Showers

Fun activity for an ice-breaker or simply order a signature plate!

Corporate Teambuilding

Great excersice to relieve the stress in the office.  Draw names out of a hat and whoever you get is the person you're going to paint a mug for! 

Again, as everything is waterbased... sitting around the boardroom table should be no problem!

We are flexible and we have loads of ideas for teambuilding excersies so contact us should you be interested and we can discuss more ideas!