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Mum & Me days

No matter how old you or mom is, doing something together is priceless... especially when you're going to have this much fun!

Treat your mom/child with a fantastic day out where you have the time to talk about things you never have time for whilst painting a piece of art for each other.

These are precious moments in your life and as life is so short we should try and make the most of every day we have together.

Mums with babies

You've guest it... FOOT PRINTS!Foot Prints

Invite a few friends with babies and together you can have a ball of a time!

We’ll supply you with a good sized plate which you can (with assistance if you wish) put your baby’s foot print on.  Great fun if you are a few moms doing it together.

We will also make a note of the baby’s name and anything else you would like us to write on the plate before we glaze & fire it. 

This makes a wonderful Christmas prezzie for the Grandparents!